Polyclinics & Hospitals
Front desk application for
OPD Appointment Management,
Pre-consulting triage,
Pre And Post Visit engagement.

Make busy OPD Smooth OPD

Doctdesk is a front desk application for Polyclinics & Hospitals. It has an integrated Appointment Management module, which helps manage the patient flow, and reduce waiting time,no-shows of patients.

Designed by doctors to make the daily tasks of the OPD go smoother. It simplifies the doctor-patient communication by merging multiple departments on one dashboard with effective check-in, pre-consulting, fees collection and reports without multi clicks.

Connect what Matters

Doctdesk’s pre-consulting triage allows your front desk staff to identify what’s wrong with the patient, what medications they’re on, and what their main concerns are. so doctor update about a patient as entering in opd.
 Pre-made template integration make pre and post-care engagement easy through different communication channels, like WhatsApp, messenger.Helps increase patient satisfaction and references with your polyclinic.

grow your patients like this hospitals

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